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Jacqui Gilroy – Vocals, Guitar
Kelly Mynes – Drums
Ezekiel Lords – Bass
Jeff Blancato – Guitar, Backing vocals


Bone Cave Ballet… a name as unique and compelling as the music this Seattle outfit has been crafting since 2008.

The band began as a collaboration between vocal virtuoso Jacqui Gilroy and drummer/fellow ex-Detroiter Kelly Mynes. BCB’s debut, The Echo of Entropy, was praised for its astute lyricism and technically impressive musical performances. The recent additions of guitarist Jeff Blancato and bassist Ezekiel Lords have resulted in BCB creating its most potent and evocative music yet: “…the energy of punk but full of subtlety and skill.” (Jon Davis,

In 2013, with the combined expertise of engineer Robert Cheek (Deftones, Rx Bandits, Tera Melos) and producer Paurl Walsh (X-Ray Press, ExEx Audio), BCB tracked their latest offering, Will of the Waves; a powerful prog-rock promenade that showcases their diverse array of present-day influences while paying homage to classic prog.


KEXP 90.3 FM, Seattle
KZME 107.1 FM, Portland OR
KPTZ 91.9 FM, Port Townsend, WA
SUN 103.1 FM, Florida Keys


“[Will of the Waves] showcases the enormous talent of the instrumentalists, particularly drummer Kelly Mynes, as well as frontwoman Jacqui Gilroy as both a singer and songwriter. Gilroy has often been praised for her skill as a lyricist and does not disappoint on any of the album’s five tracks.” –American Songwriter

“I’m always going to be attracted to experimentation and creative compositions, but when it comes down to it, the song is the thing. Bone Cave Ballet is a prog-rock band that totally nails this delicate balancing act that draws the line between playful complexity and intrusive self-indulgence. …there’s a lightness that speaks volumes to their respect for the form and backbone of a well-structured song.” –Tacoma Weekly Volcano

“…the band emphasizes austereness over complexity. Jacqui Gilroy is an alluring weapon who baits listeners to her band’s lunatic lullabies on the premise of tranquility. More often than not, however, BONE CAVE BALLET gives more than their audience has bargained for.” –

“…[Bone Cave Ballet] straddles the precipice between the old and the new. They’re as light on their feet as Fragile-era Yes, and as beholden to the baroque as the first incarnation of Crimson. But they differ in two important ways. First, they’ve trimmed the fat off of classic prog rock by offering five relative succinct cuts on their new EP, Will of the Waves… Second, Bone Cave Ballet features a female lead singer named Jacqui Gilroy, and her voice is downright coquettish and sexy. –The Vinyl Anachronist